Botanical Paper is a manufacturer of purely eco-friendly paper and products made of latvian grass, seed, straw and various types of flowers.
We produce handmade paper using gifts from mother nature without harming it and keeping our trees safe.

100% Tree Free

Latvia resembles a nature preserve at times interrupted by spots of highly urbanised landscape of European modernity. This is an exceptional land where woodlands, marshes, lakes and rivers have developed over the centuries at their own pace with minimal human interference. At Botanical Paper no trees are cut to make our eco-friendly paper.


Latvian handmade paper is unique and eco-friendly!

100% wood free | 100% recycled | 100% chemicals free | 100% eco-friendly | 100% natural | 100% handmade | Smooth from one side | Smooth from both sides | With individual textures

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100% natural

We love our planet! That’s why we’re aiming to reduce waste and volume of the materials used by producing handmade eco-products.
Our Botanical paper is a carefully crafted work made by special recipe in order to preserve its natural beauty.